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STEPS to Freedom

Foundation Programme

Teachings of The Ascended Masters

The STEPS Programme is a direct transmission
received from an external higher stream of consciousness


Have you ever asked the question

Why are we here?

Where are we going?

What is the soul?

Throughout time men and women have asked the eternal questions.  Successive religions have sought to answer them, each one with a core of truth yet none complete in itself.   The STEPS Foundation Programme explores these and other questions, providing a glimpse into a long forgotten past in an attempt to create a brighter future.  The non denominational programme respects all spiritual paths and beliefs, drawing together the threads which unite them to weave a multi-coloured carpet on which the soul can soar.

What is happening to the world?

In the chaos and confusion of the 21st century humanity is terminally ill.  The disease is refusal to live in cooperation with cosmic law, for we have forgotten who we are and why we are here.  Science and materialism have become the new religion displacing spirituality, yet growing numbers are seeking a return to the indefinable ‘something more’, the spark of divinity which is the soul.

In every Age, truth has been preserved by the few, from the Lemurian Mystery Schools and the Temples of Atlantis to the Pyramids of Egypt.  Today as never before, the science of mysticism is being revealed to the masses.

The STEPS Foundation Programme is transformative

Its aim is to challenge fixed beliefs and dogma.

To open the window of the mind to a new and wonderful multi dimensional reality.

To challenge us to be the change we wish to see.

We invite spiritual seekers to rediscover the hidden mysteries of East and West,

stolen and lost through the centuries and now restored.

The STEPS Foundation Programme is spiritual rather than religious.  It is non denominational, embracing all faiths.  STEPS is a spiritual coalition of the sacred teachings of all the major world religions and spiritual movements of East and West.  Each one provides a step on the path of the journey of the soul in its quest for freedom, wisdom and truth. Spirituality is only peripherally related to religion which is the province of reason and intellect until we advance in wisdom.


Throughout the world millions are working together through meditation groups and spiritual communities dedicated to aligning the global energy to Peace.  The transformative energy required to achieve a shift in the collective consciousness is however dependent first of all upon a willingness by each of us to transform our own personal energy which is the key to interaction with others.  A synthesis of the ancient belief systems of East and West, the programme deepens the understanding of the interconnection of body, mind and spirit and how this manifests through behaviour and belief accumulated over many lives.


When a person has a vision, they are often described as a fool...

If 2 or more share the same vision, they are said to be misguided...

When 10 or more come together to empower the vision, it is called a cult...

When 100 enact the vision, it is called a movement...

When 1000 join the movement, it is called a revolution.

We invite you to join the revolution

in cosmic consciousness


When we have reverence for life in all its forms we begin to see the divine pattern behind all things and begin to understand that where there is a pattern there must be a plan.  We respect Life and cease to cause harm.  When we believe that we are a part of something greater than ourselves we learn obedience.  When we become obedient we learn to trust and when we can trust we feel safe and protected and cease to fight.  When we cease fighting we achieve serenity through harmony.  In harmony we find peace and when we are at peace we see God in all things and in each other, we learn to love.  When we can ‘love one another’ we can surrender and begin our journey back to God.

The major religions have prepared us for the culmination of
the Piscean Age and the transition to the Age of Aquarius













REVERENCE  for nature 

RESPECT  for the divinity within all life

OBEDIENCE  to sacred law

SERENITY  through non attachment

PEACE AND LOVE  through brotherhood

SURRENDER  to the sacred word

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Spiritual Alchemy

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These are the spiritually evolved beings who have overcome all the challenges of the material world and no longer have any requirement to reside on Earth.  These elder brothers and sisters have elected to retain a connection with the Earth to assist the evolution of  mankind.  They continue to guide and direct all who desire their help.  They include those we recognise as the ones who have led the people to freedom and justice throughout history in their many guises.  Their motive is pure and selfless, expressed as unconditional love.

The Masters reside in etheric retreats, they hold a focus of light through a global network of planetary hubs located above specific geophysical points on the planetary grid.  This provides in effect a global communication system through which the Masters may connect with their students.

Those who wish to give allegiance to this spiritual hierarchy are contacted through meditation and during the sleep state to receive guidance and instruction.  Following a period of disciplined application, testing and initiation the purpose of the life is gradually revealed along with opportunities for service.  All of this may first be dimly perceived at inner levels with a gradual awakening at the  conscious level. 

Humility  is  the  hallmark  of  true  spirituality

‘Knowledge  without  humility  is  the  rock  on

which  the  soul  is  dashed’