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Personal Profile
Carol Lamb

Writer, teacher, healer and researcher into multi dimensional consciousness

and the esoteric traditions of East and West

Carol has been instrumental in founding spiritual Communities from the early nineties from which Rainbow Light Trust and The Academy of Spiritual Sciences evolved.  The role of retained soul memory in the continuity of consciousness has been a specific focus.  Many of her experiences are recounted in Born Remembering a biographical account of the direct communicated guidance which explained the ‘past life’ memories she had experienced from childhood and the pre determined life plan to establish a healing and teaching network based upon revealed wisdom.

Twenty years experience in nursing, social work and adult education evolved into a holistic therapy practice and an innovative teaching programme of metaphysical sciences.  This in turn provided the foundation for holistic clinics and Centres and an innovative seminar teaching programme over a further thirteen year period.  All of which fulfilled the first part of the earlier guidance.  In 2002 Carol founded Rainbow Light Foundation, the international ‘not for profit’, healing and teaching Trust which  continues  her work.  The Academy of Spiritual Sciences is the designated teaching body for her international ‘Quantum Light’ accredited therapist training programme, integrating medical and soul sciences. 

With her work documented internationally by the media and on radio and television, her current focus is writing and broadcasting.  A rich archive of programmes is available through her ‘Paranormal Matters’ blog talk radio Channel and on the Rainbow Light Studio YouTube Channel. Through her role as Director of The Living Memory Research Trust Carol seeks to play her part in bridging the gap between medical and spiritual science by integrating the knowledge and experience of past decades.